Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Bibliowhining 2nd Anniversary Clip Show!

It's already been two years, Jack! This blog started out as a humble personal site, and I'm surprised at how much it's grown, and how much my drawing and storytelling abilities have improved -- though there's definitely room for improvement there. I have a print comic coming out soon, which may explain my recent lack of entries. But while you're waiting for that, check out the comics I've made over the past years, as well as the top 10 most popular entries read over the year! Enjoy! And thanks for reading.

List of Comics, July 2010-June 2011
1. "Dunkin's Drivers," 2010. A satirical color comic listing the reasons for getting a driver's license.
2. "Archie/Chick Tract Crossover," 2010.  As a Veronica comic unveils a new gay character, this tract warns about the dangers of gluttony, a deadly sin Jughead has glorified for decades.
3. "Five (5) Simple Ways You Can Lose Weight, Slim Down and Reduce Excess Fat," 2010. The title is making fun of SEO search engine spamming tactics, while the color comic itself satirizes America's obsession with weight loss articles and magazines when the content contained within is always incredibly obvious.
4. "Ram Bam-A-Lam," 2010. One of my personal favorite Mediocre Narcotica songs. It was stuck in my head all day yesterday, in fact. I have an idea for a music video if anyone wants to start a real punk band with me. 
5. "Back to the Suture," 2010. A Halloween comic inspired by old Tales from the Crypt stories. This mysterious quiet dude goes back in time to purchase old records to sell in the future for a profit, and also captures a woman to kill over and over again. Convoluted!
6. The Dunkin Swine entry explores the evolution of the classic Dunkin Swine character with comics and drawings from 2005 to 2008. Wince with me at the crudeness.
7. "Family Guy Get Off the Air," 2011. An eponymous Mediocre Narcotica song.
8. "2012 Skidoo!," 2011. Mediocre Narcotica sings about the upcoming apocalypse, and I finally find good-quality Bristol board so the art is pretty nice for the first time in a while. 
9. "X Says Goodbye," 2011. A friend is strangely upset that I used his likeness in four of my comics.
10. "Swiney Todd," 2011. A dark little poem with tonal pencil drawings. People liked it.
11. "The Bibliowhining Guide to Facebook Etiquette and Management," 2011. Colorful and educational. Back then I left Facebook, so disciplined. Of course it's sucked me back in again. And what's the deal with Google +???!!!
12. What I would draw if I was a New Yorker cartoonist. Proof that I could be popular if I really wanted to be. 
13. "No More 9-11," 2011. Mediocre Narcotica responds to the death of Osama Bin Laden before South Park does.
14. "Branny Culture," 2011. A satirical response to liberals' attempted criminalization of cartoon cereal mascots and brightly colored packaging.
15. "Idoling," 2008/2011. A rare personal comic about being an introvert. I jokingly refer to "introvert pride," but I don't think pride is a good thing. It's better to be humble.
16. "Banana Slug Love," 2011. A tonal pencil comic and poem about the mating rituals of the Banana Slug. 
17. "Dr. Rip Me Off," 2011. Mediocre Narcotica sings about doctors ripping you off. The comic is funny, unlike the reality.
18. "Fungible Friends," 2011. A Sea Monkeys parody for word nerds.'s the 10 most popular non-comic entries, assuming that hits and time spent looking at a page mean anything.

10. Lament for Locos, a short film in which my friend Karl and I discuss our plans for the future and make fun of art school, college and so on. It's a funny film, and I hope you watch it. Great soundtrack.
9. Dunkin Swine makes a profile. This entry was from last year, but people like a little romance with their black humor, I suppose. 
8. Dunkin Swine makes a fake etsy store and eats donuts, Wawa coffee. 
7. The Bibliowhining Wasteful Products Buying Guide is a photographic spoof of the overpackaged products I've seen in stores. Later on Google analytics I noticed the key words "individually wrapped soap for single-use handwashing" brought someone to this page. Evidently, there is a real demand for these products. 
6. Peek inside my Moleskine notebook. 
5. "Coke Fiend Chris," 2004/2009  This is a comic, but since it isn't in the above list I'll link it here. Definitely a fan favorite, and one of Bibliowhining's first entries.
4. Chrissy builds a little house for an advent calendar. 
3. "Eat It," a much beloved early 2010 entry with colored paintings of horrible recipes. This entry is spoofing Katie Lee Joel and those other food columnists who basically describe how to serve already-prepared spreads and junk from bottles and cans.
2. I'm surprised to see that my self-portrait with worms crawling out of my eyes is one of the most viewed and longest viewed entries. That's awesome.
1. Tutorial on how to make a Moleskine notebook. But there are better ones out there. This probably just came up in a lot of search results for how to make your own Moleskine notebook.
Thanks for being a fan!

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