Monday, March 14, 2011

The Old Master Painter

I thought it was time for a new self-portrait.

I miss the older, really obviously self-copied, self-published zines and minicomics. They had a very special, warm, otherworldly quality to them -- ink smudged to the extent where it was difficult to make out text and small details, old, ironic/weird cut-and-pasted extra stuff in the margins distracted from the creator's original, linear content... I could lay on the floor for hours dissecting it all.

I like some of the newer, more nicely printed stuff, too, but it doesn't take me to the same place. Anyway, I have plenty of old reference material at home so I thought I'd bring the whole cutting-and-pasting thing to the Internet. Feel free to send me some stuff from your collection! I may use it in a future post. And don't forget to like Bibliowhining on Facebook!

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