Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't Come Around Here No More

Yesterday I received a nasty letter from this guy regarding his likeness appearing in some of my comics.:

Surely I'm not the only cartoonist who bases characters off of real-life human beings. The strange thing is, I actually talked to this guy about 3/4 of the comics that feature him, and got the green light before completing and "publishing" them. This is why I think he wrote me a nasty letter to impress an audience.


  1. Happy Birthday, Chrissy!! I don't know what I've done with your address and don't think I've had your phone number for years. :{ Add that to hotmail not letting me SEND mail from this computer (though I can read my inbox all I want?!), and all I have is your blog with which to wish you much happiness and blessings this day and always. May the saddest day of your future be the happiest of your past.

  2. Oh I remember this. This was during my Murray Langston phase after punk rock became so blasé and preformance art became the new symbol of the counter-culture. I would voice all of my displeasures through a brown paper bag I wore over my head. We would spend hours on the phone, with only our respect for one another and our polite nature to guide us through countless inaudible sessions through those hot summer months. Never quite understanding each other. But with every new "wait, what was that?" spoken, our friendship only seemed to strengthen, akin to the strength of the tightly woven fabric centered upon my head, selfishly even, in the form of a brown paper bag. Always moist at the lips, but never obsctructing the passion and intensity our conversations once held. Man O' man, where does the time go. Oh thats right, it goes into the proverbial toilet. I've known you since I was a frail, neuoritic and insecure oily teenage papule more than a decade ago. Heres to another decade of neurotic and cynical musings between us from one of the best to ever spout it as such. Love You Chrissy,

    Paper Bagged Head Guy