Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't Come Around Here No More

Yesterday I received a nasty letter from this guy regarding his likeness appearing in some of my comics.:

Surely I'm not the only cartoonist who bases characters off of real-life human beings. The strange thing is, I actually talked to this guy about 3/4 of the comics that feature him, and got the green light before completing and "publishing" them. This is why I think he wrote me a nasty letter to impress an audience.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three Cool Cats

So this weekend I did something different for once. I dressed up like a "hipster" to be an extra in my friend Karl's brother's senior film, Creative Types. From what I've seen of the film so far, I assume it's a comic burlesque satirizing today's awful, devolving culture and what is trendy with college students. The antagonist is the author of a comic called Newt York, one of those slick, no-detail, probably made for the web four-panel witty (but lame) gag comics popular with the college crowd. The strip drawn for the movie is a pretty clever parody of such comics; I was impressed. The protagonist is a serious, tortured writer ignored by these Newt York worshipers. I haven't read the script, but I'm looking forward to the finished product -- seems consonant with some of the themes I've explored in recent years.

Anticipating downtime, I came to the shoot prepared with a Moleskine notebook to draw in (it doubled as a prop for my character). Other extras were dressed as hipsters, too, of course.

In college, I went to a few events with my fellow art students. Having nothing better to do at these parties, I sometimes sat and did nothing but draw people. So, this post includes drawings of REAL art students, as well as drawings of actors dressed up as stereotypical "creative types."