Monday, March 28, 2011

The Garden


Soap Chum

Sick of washing filthy scum out of the  soap dish? Tired of refilling those dispensers or cleaning up liquid soap drippings? Soap Chum is for you! These individually-wrapped tiny soaps come in two sizes -- one for showering and an even smaller one for hand-washing! Each pack contains only enough bar soap to wash your hands once or take one shower.

Olive Oil 100-Calorie Packs

Everyone knows about the health benefits of Olive Oil! High in monounsaturated "good" fat, the miracle product stops cancer and heart disease cold in their tracks. Unfortunately, the oil is high in calories, and if you add too much to your salad if could make YOU fat -- and that's "bad"! With the big old bottles olive oil usually comes in, it's easy to accidentally add more than the 1 tbsp. serving size. But not anymore! Take care of your health while completely disregarding the health of the environment with Olive Oil 100-calorie packs!

Pre-Written Post-Its

In this fast-paced digital age, who can bother to sharpen a pencil or uncap a pen? Unfortunately, we can't avoid everything, and Pre-Written Post-Its are made for these occasions. Each note comes with one pre-written common activity or grocery item. When you need to remember to do something or get groceries, select the appropriate Post-It note(s) for the occasion and put them on your fridge or in your wallet! Pre-written Post-Its come in packs of 100 alphabetized items.

Mouthwash Shots

Our family members say they don't put their lips to the mouthwash bottle, but sometimes they lie. If you'd like to avoid contaminating yourself with your husband's or children's bacteria, try mouthwash shots. Simply rip off the protective seal, shoot the mouthwash for a burst of freshness and dispose of the plastic cup. Mouthwash shots come in monthly packages of 30 or "family size" 150. Order now and get one of those stupid single-use flossing things that's actually a real product.

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