Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cat's in the Cradle

Hej gang!

I can't find a real job up to my standards, so I've been supplementing my unemployment checks with my own online business!

Three days a week (I can't work any more than that or I'll lose my unemployment), I go to JoAnn Fabrics and purchase thread and plastic beads. Next, I string the beads on the thread to make necklaces or bracelets which I sell for a profit in my Etsy shop! It's hard work, but you gotta do what you gotta do in this economy. I've got a kid to support!

Brown Hope Bracelet ($10.00)

Sometimes I don't feel like getting up to buy beads, so I just upcycle some junk I have lying around the house. Here's an oriole feeder I made out of thread, raisins and orange slices: 

You pass the thread through your window screen, secure the ends, and presto!! If you live on an upper level, it's squirrel proof, too! I'm selling these beauties for $5.00 a pop. Sorry, oranges not included anymore -- I've had customers complain about the mold and swarms of fruit flies shooting out at them as they opened the package.

Oriole Feeder ($5.00)
I took the knitting EXCO offered in library school, but that turned out to be an "Epic Fail" as the kids love to say. Since I can't knit in the traditional sense, I've been "finger-knitting" these long thin things. 
Perhaps you can wear one as an ironic belt -- the kids are into that sort of thing, right? Or perhaps I'll glue some eyes to one end and pass off my creations as little snake toys!

Sammy the Snake ($15.00)

Well sayonara, I have a cat to take care of. "Taking care of a cat takes 5 minutes a day at most," you say? Haha, you got me! I'm just going to eat some donuts in front of the TV. Check it out!

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