Sunday, May 29, 2011

Born This Way

Just like people of color or people in the gay/transgender/bi community are "born this way," I was "born this way" as an introvert. If you like art, books or music, chances are you have an introvert in your list of heroes. That quiet, secretive kid in class may give you the creeps or seem boring, but give him a chance! Introvert Pride! I was BORN THIS WAY, BABY! (Written in black, the official color for introvert pride).

 "Idoling" (c) 2011, Chrissy Spallone

I did this story a few years ago, but the drawing and writing were so clunky I decided to redo it. It was a fan favorite.

Speaking of "American Idol," did anyone catch that earnest young Italian trio "Il Volo" performing the classic song "O Sole Mio"? I thought they were a last-minute replacement for a relevant group, but now I'm seeing and, unfortunately, hearing them everywhere! The kids are into it, huh?

Since around 1997, I've been thinking, "Pop music can't get any worse than this," but this "popera" trip really threw me for a loop. BRAVO, guys! Didn't see this one coming. "Backstreet's Back" is actually sounding pretty good these days -- we're getting old, guys!


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