Thursday, August 4, 2011


In this digital age where nearly every song, movie and comic is freely available, we sometimes forget the art of the album. The way the artist carefully organizes her tracks to make the whole album flow together so cohesively. The way the cover art complements the music -- especially on an LP. Remember looking at those old record sleeves for hours, taking it all in? Wasn't it nice to hold a solid object in your hand? Wasn't it a breath of fresh air, knowing that solid object would always be there for you, would never disappear due to some computer crash or the malfunctioning of a device designed to become obsolete in a year, a month?

Sure you can read my comics on here, for free, but why not buy the printed version? Pass it to your friends, turn a flashlight on and read it under the bedsheets after hours -- free yourself from reading things on the horrible Internet, where Facebook and email and unfinished homework hover on the next tab, distracting you and robbing you of your childlike peace of mind.


14 pages in glorious black and white with color covers, no ads. Includes Mediocre Narcotica comics created from 2010 through 2011 and funny fake advertisements. Professionally printed and bound. 8.5 by 11 inches.

Lots of fun text to read and detailed, old-school pen-and-ink drawings to pick apart. I know you'll enjoy it, and it costs less than a fancy coffee drink!

Shipping is free. Contact me to order your copy or copies today! My Paypal address is the same as my contact email, so if you prefer, you can simply send payment via Paypal with a note about what you want to buy. Minimal human interaction required!

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