Friday, August 19, 2011

Fasc-Book is Here!


Sick of the ordinary, mind-numbing social networking sites? Looking for something a little more…superior? 

Remember when Facebook required all users to have a .edu email address? As Harvard alumni and viewers of The Social Network know, Facebook once limited access to Harvard students alone, separating its exclusive club of networkers from the unwashed, uneducated masses on MySpace. Well, that limitation went down the toilet pretty quick, didn’t it? As you accepted friend requests from your grandmother and dog, Facebook became more and more like its Cro-Magnon forefathers, distinguished only by its devastatingly addictive information architecture and branding.

We at Fasc-book strive to regain that exclusivity. As a Fasc-book user, rest assured that only you and a select minority will ever have access to this precious, superior social networking site.

Just send us a blood sample! Fasc-book authorities will run a quick analysis to determine whether your genetic makeup is pure enough to connect with and share Internet memes with others of your ilk. Once verified, you will receive a pass-code granting access to the network.

Check out this exclusive preview! (Click on the image to see it larger.)

Remember Google +, the obvious Facebook knockoff that lit up the twitterverse and blogosphere for a couple weeks in July of 2011? That never really caught on, did it? Who wants to spend time duplicating their friends lists, statuses, self-report data and photos onto a separate but not equal network that offers nothing new?

Join us at Fasc-book, the Facebook alternative with a purpose beyond simple theft. Segregate yourself with Fasc-book. The future is here!


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