Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2000 Watts

I take story requests, and if inspiration hits , I honor them. Someone wanted me to write a comic about my life. My life isn't that interesting to talk about right now, which isn't a bad thing. I'm just really relaxed and in my normal, quiet zen state that some people mistake for being blase and/or unsatisfied with the status quo. If I was overly bothered by these stereotypes, I could easily create some kind of smokescreen to avoid them; for example, I could shriek and carry on and grind up against strangers at the dance club while wearing a form-fitting ensemble. This isn't necessary, though; I'm usually pretty content and peaceful. But my life hits a snag once in a while, as does everyone's, and this comic is about those snags that slow down my days sometimes. I try to be no emo, so enjoy the hyperbole!

So...why do I draw myself as a pig? I don't have some kind of body dysmorphic disorder that makes me see a pig's face in the mirror instead of my own, human face. In fact, there are a couple self portraits further back in this blog.

I used to draw myself into comics, but my face is so complicated, and I'm always making these weird expressions that are difficult to draw from panel to panel. I'm trying to make my characters have a consistent, recognizable look throughout a story; something I've struggled with in the past...if I drew myself with a more simplified look, like Veronica Lodge for example, I'd feel like I was being vain or deceptive. So...(oh this is so embarrassing) I guess ever since reading Lord of the Flies and identifying strongly with the Simon character, I've been drawn to pigs as a sort of spirit animal.

There. Now you've learned more about me than you could have ever hoped to.

Tune in next week for this awesome dystopian future tale I'm working on called "A World Without Surprises". It's a satire on all the new technology that keeps coming out, and how it increasingly isolates us from each other, though it intends to make us more connected. The script is done, and it's one of the best things I've written so far...I've drawn up some new, plausible inventions and's going to be really cool, so look forward to it soon! Same bat blog, undetermined bat time.

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