Monday, March 18, 2013

Contact Info. Updated

Hi Gang,

I just updated my contact info. and added new information about items for sale. Take a peek if you ever want to write me a letter or order any of my art/comics.

I'm still working on the project I've been alluding to. All will be revealed in due time, but these husky dogs will make an appearance:

I have several completed drawings done for this already, but I can't give away the whole game plan just yet!

Hopefully everyone had a fine St. Patty's day. I made Irish potato candies (the kind with real potato and no coconut or cream cheese; I have no idea how that wildness got started) and cabbage, which I keep forgetting is delicious and very cheap. I went vegan for Lent again, so I seasoned it (the cabbage, not the candy) with olive oil and salt and ground mustard seed. Very simple and yummy, if you like bitter and slightly medicinal foods.

Here's the elusive "real potato" Irish potato recipe, lest it get lost to the ages forever. Boil and mash up peeled potatoes (don't add milk or salt or anything). Then add confectioner's sugar until the mixture is thick enough to roll into balls. You'll need a lot of confectioner's sugar, like a pound of it for each potato. Make little potato shaped balls (or, more accurately, ellipsoids) and roll them in cinnamon for yummy flavor and to give the appearance of real little potatoes! Real yummy stuff, man.

Thanks for reading! 

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