Monday, February 25, 2013

I Just Deleted a Bunch of My Facebook Fans

I just deleted a few hundred fans from my Bibliowhining Facebook page, assuming they had no actual interest in my art or writing.

Over a year ago, I put up a targeted Facebook ad for $2/day in hopes of attracting fans who would go on to buy some art or brighten my days with encouraging likes and comments. After a couple weeks, I attained hundreds of fans, but only one or two interacted with my page or site at all, and then only minimally. I canceled the unhelpful ad.

Soon I noticed ads for pages like "Justin Bieber" and "Taco Bell" that said, for example, "366 of your fans also like Justin Bieber." It was then I realized that most of my new fans were impressionable teenagers who would click indiscriminately on anything presented to them. I wasn't crazy about having so many such fans, but I didn't see any harm in it. I may have been wrong...

I don't know if Facebook changed its algorithm or what, but I recently noticed a decrease in the people who see my posts. Looking up the problem on the Internet, I discovered that negative feedback ("fans" hiding a post or reporting it as spam) can penalize your page so that Facebook doesn't display its posts to others. I exported my data and saw that several people were giving negative feedback whenever I posted anything, especially one of the "creepy" drawings that make up about half of this site's content.

Of course, I couldn't see who was giving the negative feedback, so to be safe I just deleted a bunch of bikini babes, trendy teens and anyone else who looked like they were "liking" my site for reasons other than interest in my comics, artwork and writing. I apologize if, in my trigger-happiness, I accidentally deleted you. Nothing personal, and I hope you'll come back! This is the last time I'm going to delete fans like that; I only did it to get rid of the fake fans attained through the useless Facebook ad. Nothing to complicate your life like Facebook, huh?

We're on TWITTER, too.

As always, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for news and scans from my next big project.

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