Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Get More Hits on My Website

One thing people is always asking themselves these days are "How to Get More Hits on My Website" or "How to Get More Traffic to My Website." Well, this site is here to provide information for "How to Get More Hits on My Website."

First, search the Internet using the search terms "How to Get More Hits on Your Website" or "How to Get More Traffic to Your Website." Google and Ask are some useful tools you can use to search for information on the Internet and learn about "How to Get More Hits on My Website."

Next, build a Website. There are many tools on the Internet which can give you the information you need to get started in building your own Website. Try using a search engine to find some information and software you can use to build your site. You can also go to school to learn about web design and search engine optimization.

Here is another way to get lots of hits, and to "Increase traffic to my Etsy Store." Prease go to my Etsy store and buy "Mediocre Narcotica's Greatest Hits." Once you receive this astounding book, you will be sure to get lots of useful hits.

Oh, perhaps I am misunderstanding you, friend! Am I mistaking your intentions? Did you mean to increase traffic to YOUR site, and not to MY site, Bibliowhining? Please accept my dearest apologies. To discover the secret for getting more hits on YOUR website, please continue with your Google searching. I must seem like a real sleazebag, huh?

Psst, I'm just making fun of these stupid websites. I'm not really trying to spam you or promote my comic ad nauseum. The air is getting crisper and cooler, and soon my outdoor options will be limited, or at least less fun. More NEW, FREE comics will be coming soon. -Chrissy

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