Monday, October 25, 2010

Art Lover

Some mistake me for a cold-hearted woman, but I very much love people -- especially specific ones. I greatly appreciate the few friends who take the time to get to know me, and I enjoy having them over to relax, drink tea, watch TV, read comics and do whatever they want (except drugs). I want people to feel comfortable in my home, it's a great place to chill out and escape to a different world. If someone hangs out with me long enough, I'll probably turn him or her into artwork.

It beats drawing travelers on subways. That's fun, too, but sometimes my "model" leaves at the next station.

Tune in next time for "Back to the Suture," a good old-fashioned horror story.


  1. Great sketches, Chrissy! I don't think anyone has ever called you "cold hearted" (at least, not to MY face!). Wish we lived closer so that I could come have tea and hang out with you a bit. Don't know if I'd like to be drawn, lol, but I'd love to watch you draw!
    Happy Halloween if I don't talk to you and thanks for the Birthday wishes!!!

  2. i really enjoyed this post. maybe b/c i'm a bit narcissistic... definitely b/c it's quite flattering. this may not be the upmost appropriate time and place to say this, but i love you, christina k. (i had the strong urge to write out your entire name b/c i thought it might be endearing, but then i felt creepy, puttin ya government on blast, nah mean?)

    dang. that bit of slang makes me truly regret not making the cat rap video before i left. sighhhhhhh~