Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lost Children

Before there were LOLcats, there was Li'l Cat, an Easter-themed children's book of my own invention that I wrote and illustrated at age 6:

I know that the cover says, oddly enough in my handwriting, "by Stevie", but my brother didn't write the story, he just acted as a transcriptionist for my narration. After hovering over me, correcting my every spelling mistake for the first few pages, he grew impatient and took over the lettering, despite the fact that I had initiated this bookmaking activity and had never explicitly asked for his editorial assistance. I suppose that after the fact, he somehow brainwashed or coerced me into giving him authorship credit with my own hand.

Click here to read the whole story...try to guess when my brother takes over the lettering!

A couple of these pages have little side gags and can click on the images to enlarge them and benefit from this.

I haven't changed much in the last 20 years, have I? Though I'm more of a dog person now. Pages 10 and the last page are the best...I think I was a child prodigy. The year was 1990, I remember it well.


  1. Hi Chrissy, sorry for the brainwashing. Your spelling's much better now.

  2. Oh, I was just being tongue-in-cheek. Would you really have demanded the credit for such prose as, "April walked outside/They called the kitten Lemondrop/April went back inside again"?

    I probably thought back then that the writer of a story was the person who literally wrote the words on the paper. You were getting pretty impatient about my spelling and backwards letters, though.