Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kill My Free Time

Kitty Bear of "A World Without Surprises" returns in "Kill My Free Time," a comic burlesque about online conduct and branding. It's good to be back!

"Kill My Free Time," (c) 2011, Chrissy Spallone

I dunno guys, drawing comics is fun and all, but what a time suck! I was thinking maybe of making memes instead. They're so much more popular these days, and I can make one in like 5 minutes. I don't know, what do you guys think?

"Time to Grow Up... Pass the Maturity Juice!" meme on computer, (c) 2011, Chrissy Spallone


  1. "meme on computer". nice. I like the comix better.

  2. you rock in a twisted best way ...hope to see you soon

  3. Chrissy! I saw this "digital comic" that my boyfriend's friend did and thought of you:

    Critique (however you spell that)?

  4. Hey there anon,

    When's he going to finish the comic? The last entry is in 2006. The character with the monocle is interesting...can definitely relate to his wariness of, degrees and such things.

  5. Unfortunately, he doesn't even keep up with the site as much as they did in high school. :/ I'll get on him about it, though! He actually reminds me a lot of you, now that I think about it...AND he lives in Ohio!

  6. I went to college in Ohio, but I'm back in South NJ where I grew up. It's probably getting quite cold over there... good comic drawing weather.