Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Flesh

I have a tendency to overdraw things.

Recently, I drew a penciled abomination of myself (above) and used it as a tonal guide for the slicker cartoon-style pen-and-ink drawing below. Not a bad system!

I'm glad I left that Invacebook mess. I don't think I'll be back. My current setup -- no personal profile, but an active Bibliowhining Fan Page -- is ideal. Since my page "likes" my favorite comic companies, I don't miss out on as much art or wit as I thought I would. The things I've been doing to fill the time InVacebook once occupied have, in general, proven more enriching.

I tried to use InVacebook to spread joy and laughter. For example, rather than post photos of myself in swimwear as though the social network were a dating site, I donned pig masks and other ghastly ensembles in my profile pics.

I know some people got it, too. Not many, but at least five, I'd say. I worried those five folks would miss me, that I deserted them. But I suppose anyone who really craves my twisted sense of humor will happen upon this "blog" eventually. Let me know if YOU have a blog or website, and I'll check it out!

...Did I just write the phrase "Since my page 'likes' my favorite comic companies..."? Isn't it crazy what the vernacular has become? Can you imagine going back to the year 2008 and using such a phrase in public? Will these InVacebook-coined word variations appear in the next Websters edition? Non-sense.


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