Friday, July 31, 2009

Smooth Criminal

Did you miss me?

Well, nothing of import to report today, Offisa Pup. After last week's novel, I thought I'd give y'all a break with some lovely white space. And so, today's entry consists of a comic prefaced by a short paragraph.

A rejection letter I received from an independent comic publishing company once wisely advised me to begin my stories in medias res, which means in the middle of action. One of the stories I mailed in started with what I thought was relatable, if low-key banter between two main characters, followed by the formation of a complex murder plot, which apparently didn't grab the editor. I love getting simple, common-sense advice like that, and though I felt a little foolish for not having always followed that advice, I know better for next time. And next time is this time. Grab some lemonade and enjoy the last days of summer with the latest edition to the Chrissy Spallone comic anthology: Pain Branch Library.

I'd like to thank whoever threw away that plastic chair last week for making this comic possible. It's so much easier to use my desk now that I have a chair in my apartment. Random thought: Does Blogspot have some bug with the comments widget?

After awhile, dystophile.


  1. Thank goodness you're back. I was just wondering why you hadn't posted. If you are wanting to get your comments to display, I think you can copy and paste the code from my blog...

  2. Good, I'm glad at least you eagerly anticipate my posts after less than a week and a half hiatus. Pressure, man. I'm not so concerned with having my comments display on the front page, I just had problems in the past couple weeks leaving comments on others' blogs...getting error messages, the comment not showing up and then me getting paranoid that the blogger found my comment offensive or something and deleted it, etc.